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We create custom patios, driveways to bring out the elegance in your home.

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Brian Hett raised on the Kenai Penninsula in Kenai Alaska. He joined the U.S. Army in 1989 and was sent straight to West Germany. He was part of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Nov 9, 1989. Shortly after the end of the "Cold War" He was sent to South West Asia to participate in Desert Storm.

After serving his country honorably, he decided it was time for a new start and a new career he moved to Nashville, TN and ended up settling down in Hendersonville, TN.

Being introduced to the concrete industry in 1994, Brian realized that just about everything being built from the ground up required some form of concrete. He was intrigued by how fast, challenging, and what hard work concrete was. Brian appoaches concrete construction like the military, a keen sense to detail and to do it right the first time. Brian's way of thinking is "don't let the concrete work you, you work the concrete". His hard work and diligence has paid off as he is one of the leaders in residential concrete today.

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